Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ganache Patisserie Review

When we were around the neighbourhood after lunch at The Flying Pig, both Essy and I remembered that we wanted to try Ganache Patisserie. They have a few tables here for people who want to buy and eat their cakes here, but I decided to buy some home instead.

A picture of their beautiful wedding cakes =)

Matcha is normally one of my favourite flavors for many different foods or drinks but this cake wasn't especially strong, but it was nicely fruity since it was paired with both lychee and passionfruit gelee. It's almost like drinking fruit teas were you don't get much of the tea flavor but the fruit flavor really stands out.

Although this is one of their most well-known products, I found this was my least favourite out of all four. Since chocolate and banana seem to be a good match in many things such as crepes or muffins, so I expected this to be a great combination. The banana portion was weirdly textured as it wasn't thoroughly mashed but they weren't completely solid either. Also, this was a little sweeter than I expected the cake to be.

Opéra à la Noisette
This cake is not overly sweet and contains a perfect combination of the creamy buttercream, crunchy praline and soft biscuit. It had a coffee taste that wasn't too strong and didn't overpower the chocolate. The only downside of the cake of the lack of layers as I envisioned an opera cake having multiple layers and I wish they had more layers in the cake. ( I forgot to take a picture before it was too late =P)

Passion et Chocolat
When the cashier recommended this when I asked for a "fruitier" choice, I originally thought it would be overly sweet since passion fruit is known for being very sweet. When I tried this, the passion fruit cream inside was not overly sweet and was nicely complimented by the chocolate cake. The glaze really enhanced the flavor of passion fruit as it contained a nice contrast of sweetness and tartness.

Since there are so many cakes that I have no tried yet, this definitely deserves another visit and possibly even for birthday cakes for friends as they sell both 6 inch and 8 inch cakes.                

Food: 4/5
Service: N/A
Cost: $$

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